Recreational Dance and Competitive Dance
As you can see, JD’s Fabulous Feet teaches a wide variety of dance styles at all levels. If you or your child are interested in exploring dance, contact us. You’ll be amazed at just how fabulous dance can be.

Tap: This class is offered to students 5 years and up. Children are grouped according to their age and level. Tap dance develops a good sense of rhythm as well as good coordination. Tap is the recommended discipline to start with. Medal Tests are also offered for our Competitive Students.

Ballet: Ballet is offered to students 4 years and up. Ballet is the base of every dance form. Ballet will develop strength, flexibility, grace and great posture. It is always best to start ballet at an early age. The older you are when you start the more difficult it is.
Please note that our competitive students 8 yrs and older are required to take ballet. Except those who only wish to compete in Hip Hop.

Competitive Ballet: This class is offered for those who wish to compete and perform in Ballet.

Competitive Technique: This class is mandatory for those participating in Pointe and Pre-Pointe Class.C.D.T.A. Exams are offered for those students who wish to be examined.

Pointe: You must be in Competitive Ballet and be selected to participate in this class.

Jazz: This class is offered to students 5 years and up. Children are grouped according to their age and level. It helps develop good coordination, flexibility and allows the child to express his/herself with the music. Medal Tests are also offered for our Competitive Students.

Combo Class: This class is offered to students 3 to 6 years of age. Great class for young beginners. It combines Tap, Jazz and Ballet. This gives the student a chance to experience different types of dance.

Lyrical (Competitive): This class is offered to our Competitive Students 10 years and up. It combines Jazz and Ballet Techniques. This form of dance incorporates a sense of balance and control with smooth flowing lines. (Must be registered in both Competitive Ballet and Jazz to participate in this class)

 Contemporary/Modern (Competitive): This discipline is only offered to our competitive students and it takes natural movements and blends with aspects of ballet and many other dance forms to create an electric dance form of its own. Danced in bare feet, it incorporates lots of movement in the spine, and uses the floor with “fall and recovery” concept. It is danced to an endless variety of music, and is a unique and challenging dance form that strives for individuality and variety.

*NEW  LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY CLASS FOR OUR RECREATIONAL STUDENTS.  This will give the recreational dancers an opportunity to explore both the Lyrical and Contemporary style in one class. (10 yrs of age and up)

Hip Hop: This class is offered to our students 3 years and up. It is offered as a class for our Recreational & Competitive Students. This class is great fun and combines the most popular dance music with great dance moves. Concentrates mostly on body isolations.

Musical Theatre: This combines acting, singing and dancing and is offered to our competitive dancers as an extra project. These routines may include props. It portrays a character or a musical. *NEW*We are offering a weekly class to our recreational students 7 years of age and up.

Dance Revival: Adult Class for those with previous.  The dancers will work on the following disciplines:  Jazz, Lyrical, Variety, Contemporary.  Classes are based at an Intermediate level.  No Performance

Bootcamp for Dancers (Competitive Dancers 9 and up): This program is designed to give dancers the tools they need to tone and strengthen their bodies.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of rehearsals and dance classes, there isn’t always enough time to focus on strengthening exercises when the dancers also have to learn technique and choreography. This program is the perfect blend of body weight exercises and cardio and aims to give dancers the strength that is necessary to become a well-rounded dancer. (This class will be held on the weekends a couple times a month)

Acro(Competitive):Acrobatic is a competitive gymnastic discipline that combines acrobatic moves, dance and tumbling, set to music (These classes will be held on weekends once a month)

Dance education inspires good work habits and healthy lifestyle choices. Studies show that a structured dance program enhances academic achievement. At every age and ability dancing is exciting and joyful.

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