Newsletter #1 2017-18

  • Welcome to our 22nd season! 


-For ballet classes (both technique and choreography), dancers must have hair in a tidy bun, black bodysuit and pink ballet tights. Tights are not to be rolled up.
-T-shirts are not allowed in any class except Hip Hop. 

-Make sure to have supportive undergarments if required
-The dress codes are to be followed all season and with every teacher.
-Tidy Hair is a must at all times.
-Deodorant is very important.

-It is the parents responsibility to supervise their child in the waiting areas.
-It is important to pick your child up at the end of their class. Please note that they are only supervised when in the classroom.
-The Studio is not guaranteed to be open until 15 min. prior to the 1st class of the day.

HALLOWEEN DRESS UP WEEK: Oct. 23-28 (We hope that all dancers young and old will participate in our dress up week. Make sure that you are still able to dance.)

OCTOBER 31: The studio will be closed on Tuesday, October 31. Happy Halloween!

GSP EDMONTON: November 18 & 19, 2017. Not too late to sign up! Visit their website to do so.

FESTIVAL OF TREES: November 26 – some of our recreational dancers will be performing. More information to follow.

DISNEY: There is not enough interest for our team to dance in Disneyland this season. SAVE THE DATE: July 24-28, 2019 – JD’s does Disney!

FOOD & SNACKS: Please ensure that all food brought into the studio is properly sealed and packaged when it is not being consumed. 

FACEBOOK: Join our Facebook Closed group and please like our Page. Lots of information and reminders are posted on our Closed Group that is not posted on the Public Page.
Please note that there will be immediate dismissal if anything negative is found online regarding the studio, staff or fellow dancers on any social media.
No parents or dancers are to post our routines on any social media until the season is over. 

If you are posting photos online of your child at the studio, please ensure other children are not in the photos.