Newsletter #3

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone the best in 2018!

January 22 – 27 is our next viewing week for competitive classes.

February 19 – Family Day No Classes

Saturday March 3 & Saturday March 10 – Solo Dress rehearsals. Schedules to follow. Miss Julie’s Solos will be on March 3rd (mark your calendars).

Sunday March 4 & Sunday March 11 – Competition Group Stage Rehearsal. Schedules to follow. Musical Theatre will be on March 4th (mark your calendars).

March 12-17 Competition Group Dress Rehearsals during regular class time. Except for Musical Theatre who will have their Dress Rehearsal at the same time as their Stage Rehearsal

March 18 – Extra Project Performance.

March 26 – April 3 Spring Break! No classes.

11 weeks until Festival! A reminder of the importance of attending every class! As soon as Competition Schedules are received we will be posting them on our website. Always look them over and make sure that nothing is missing and that your solo is in the right category.

Don’t forget to join our private Facebook group for quick updates during competitions!

Competition Earrings:

If you need a pair of competition earrings please return this form:

Student’s Name: ___________________________________

Pierced: ____________ Clip ons ____________

Quantity: ____________

10.00 per set Amount Owing: _______________

(only accepting Cash or Cheque)
Makeup information will follow we will try to keep the colours the same with Mary Kay and a Younique option for those who are interested. Wait to see the group list before purchasing any makeup.