Year End Information

YEAR END 2017-18: Dress Rehearsal Schedule & Information 

Held on Sunday, June. 10th at the Art Centre (Red Deer College) 

PLEASE NOTE that only dancers are allowed in the auditorium for their rehearsal.
Parents can wait downstairs in the dressing rooms or in the hallway by the side door to the auditorium.
You must use the back door to enter the college – the front door of the Art Centre will only be unlocked the day of the performance.
Dancers must attend the rehearsal in order to participate in the Year End Performance. 

Recreational dancers please arrive with hair and makeup done in your costume. 

9:00AM Miss Breanna’s Saturday 10:00AM Ballet Class

9:20AM Miss Breanna’s Saturday 11:30AM Ballet Class

9:40AM Miss Breanna’s Saturday Combo Class 

10:00AM Miss Breanna’s Saturday Tap Class 

10:20AM Miss Tyra’s Saturday Hip-hop Class 

10:40AM Miss Mackenzie’s Monday 7:30PM Jazz Class 

11:00AM Miss Mackenzie’s Monday Ballet Class

11:20AM Miss Mackenzie’s Monday Lyrical/Contemp Class 

11:40AM Miss Mackenzie’s Monday 5:15PM Jazz Class 

12:00PM Miss Danielle’s Wednesday 4:15PM Jazz Class 

12:20PM Miss Fiona’s Tuesday 4:15PM Hip-hop Class 

12:40PM Miss Danielle’s Tuesday 4:15PM Tap Class 

1:00PM Pre-pointe

1:30-3:30PM All Competition Team Members (no costume – just regular dance attire. We will run in order of the show)

Arrive at 5:30PM night of the performance dressed and ready. All our recreational students go to Studio A (Black Box Theatre)
We will have all dancers on stage for the finale so we would need all the dancers to stay till the end.
No dancer pick up until intermission.
Make sure not to give them messy food or drinks.
Recommend that you bring a small blanket so that they don’t get their costume dirty when sitting on the floor.
We will have a couple of teachers and helpers in Studio A. There will be a movie playing, colouring, and games. 

Please note that many dancers have only one or two numbers to change which is plenty of time as our competition team members have mastered the art of quick changing. More info will follow so there will be no make-up changes and minimal hair changes. 

  1. Hot Hot 
  2. One Blood
  3. We’re Not Afraid 
  4. Miss Tyra’s Saturday Hip-hop
  5. Fierce
  6. The Three Mice 
  7. Danza Kuduro 
  8. Miss Mackenzie’s Monday Lyrical/Contemporary
  9. Pure Imagination 
  10. Sakura 
  11. Miss Breanna’s Saturday Ballet (10:00AM)
  12. The Keeper 
  13. Red Magic 
  14. Ice Cream Crazy!
  15. Miss Mackenzie’s Monday Jazz (5:15PM)
  16. Undone 
  17. Carnival 
  18. Trouble Makers 
  19. Miss Breanna’s Saturday Combo 
  20. Numb 
  21. Pre-pointe 
  22. El Tango De Roxanne 
  23. Miss Fiona’s Tuesday 4:15 Hip-hop 
  24. Your Final Wish
  25. You Are My Sunshine 
  26. Miss Breanna’s Saturday Ballet (11:30)
  27. Mirror Mirror 
  28. The Gun Song 
  30. Valentine 
  31. Will He Like Me?
  32. Miss Danielle’s Tuesday Tap 4:15
  33. The 20/20 Experience 
  34. The Rebellion 
  35. Miss Breanna’s Saturday Tap 
  36. Don’t Worry About Me 
  37. Pure Elegance 
  38. Miss Mackenzie’s Monday Ballet 
  39. Wild Swing
  40. Beach Party!
  41. Hailey & Julya 
  42. Miss Danielle’s Wednesday Jazz 
  43. Bonnie & Clyde 
  44. Jolene 
  45. Miss Mackenzie’s Monday Jazz (7:30)
  46. Fake Plastic Trees
  47. Magicians 
  48. Gotta Dance 
  49. Be You 
  50. Logic